The Hollow Body Riddim, produced by Ted Dun Know Productions , is an ear-pleasing mix of electronic music and acoustic Reggae rolled up into a sound filled with clear, bass-pumping effects, making it a well-defined and rounded project. It features four artists who grace the rhythm with the combination of soul and hard-hitting lyrical content that is required for such a blend.

One such song is More Than Life by Lutan Fyah In this effort, the acclaimed artist melodiously asks what could be more valuable than life; ensuring the important things in life are put in perspective while transitioning between soft and energetic flows.

Jah Defender burns out any Reptilian in his song on the rhythm, pointing out people consumed by the negative missions and conspiracies of mankind and exposing the flaws of humanity lyric by lyric.

Major Mackerel tells a very provoking story of fallen Reggae greats in Princes, Prophets and Priests, looking at the tragic deaths of the likes of Garnett Silk, Sugar Minott and many others, pointing out the cruelty of humanity and how it contributed, in some way, to the demise of these legends.

Trinidadian artist, Khari Kill (Harry Hill) also rhymes about the pressures of real life in Sirens, talking of the struggles of any ghetto youth living amongst hard times and struggles while police cars swirl on a regular basis.

The Hollow Body Riddim is available to check out on YouTube and Soundcloud; with this 'body' promising to have a positive effect on the mind and soul once you press play.


1. Lutan Fyah- More Than Life
2. Khari Kill- Sirens
3. Jah Defender- Reptilian 
4. Major Mackerel- Princes, Prophets & Priests 
5. Ted Ganung- Hollow Body Riddim 

Produced & Composed by Ted Ganung